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The Hunza, I used to know had tourists who came to see the gushing, beautiful lakes, to behold sights of snow capped mountains and to pass through the treasures of history. They used to come and go without leaving anything behind except their footprints but now tourists come and go leaving us something that we don't want, something dangerous, disastrous, harmful ,something that one day can lead Hunza to become a dystopian society. They are leaving behind the perfect thing to destroy  Hunza.
Surrounded by dirt, garbage,pollution the people of Hunza are experiencing the worst period of their life where children can't freely play or walk on the streets due to traffic, where people especially senior citizens  are getting more health problems day by day due to pollution. 
Global warming and Climate change are rapidly increasing, glaciers are melting and the temperature has increased 1.4 degree Celsius from the last 80 years. the melting of glaciers has caused flood and destroying …

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